The comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation generally involves between four and six hours of testing, divided over two separate sessions.

At times briefer evaluations are appropriate: for example, when assessing for giftedness or fulfilling testing requirements for private school applications.

  • Assessing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in learning
  • Identifying specific cognitive challenges, learning differences, or behavioral difficulties that may be impacting academic functioning
  • Providing specific recommendations for school and home
  • Review of available records
  • Interview data
  • School observation (if appropriate)
  • Cognitive testing
  • General achievement testing in the areas of reading, written language, and mathematics
  • Specific learning/achievement testing based on the referral question
  • Assessment of visual and auditory short-term memory
  • Assessment of executive functioning (including organization, planning, impulse control, emotion regulation, and working memory)
  • Specific testing of sustained visual and auditory attention and impulsivity


Following the conclusion of testing, Dr. Bellon will analyze the data from all of these sources and schedule a conference with the client and/or family to discuss the findings and specific recommendations, as needed, in the areas of learning, attention, memory, and behavior. If accommodations or additional help is required at school, these recommendations are made.

In addition, assistance is available to parents and schools to develop a 504 or IEP (Individual Education Plan), if appropriate.

These evaluations may help children and adolescents with learning differences qualify to receive accommodations on standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, LSAT, etc. The parents (and/or the young adult) will receive a written report approximately one week following the conference.

Dr. Bellon is available to discuss the assessment results and recommendations with school personnel if requested by the family.