The comprehensive psychological evaluation may involve up to six hours of testing and interviewing over two separate sessions, though additional sessions may be required depending on the age of the client and the nature of the referral question.
  • Understanding current emotional or behavioral functioning

  • Answering diagnostic questions

  • Providing insight into difficulties in school or at work

  • Understanding interpersonal/relationship problems

  • Gaining new insights when progress is stalled in individual therapy

  • Review of available records

  • Cognitive testing

  • Self-report inventories

  • Performance-based measures

  • Behavioral observations

  • Interview data


Following the conclusion of testing, Dr. Bellon will analyze the testing results, history, and interview information in order to formulate a coherent and holistic narrative of the client’s experience.

The results discussion may include the client’s parents, spouse, or therapist, if appropriate and desired by the client, in order to ensure a consistent understanding of the findings and to formulate a collaborative plan for the future.

The purpose of the results discussion is to empower the client to understand more about herself/himself, and to feel a sense of partnership in moving toward change.

Dr. Bellon is available to discuss the results of the evaluation with any important individuals who are not present at the final meeting (e.g., a therapist or psychiatrist), if requested by the client.